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When Should I Call Animal Control? 

Published: February 10, 2022

Have you ever been scared of wandering critters invading your space?

If yes, have you ever tried calling animal control? 

You need to consider it because sometimes, calling an animal care team is the only option you have. 

For example, stray animals may invade your space and inflict harm, or you may suspect mistreatment of pets or some injured creature requiring veterinary care. 

All these cases require immediate intervention of the critter welfare team.

Which animals come under the animal removal team? 

There are two types of teams looking into critter-related issues- animal control and wildlife removal teams. 

There are differences between the two teams:

  • Critter removal-A free domestic animal removal service. 
  • Wildlife removal team- This is a paid service to remove non-domesticated animals like bats, raccoons, skunks from your property.

What does the animal removal team deal with? 

The team plays an essential role in ensuring the community’s safety and removing stray animals like ferrets, cats, dogs, etc. The team deals with the following issues:

  1. Population control

If non-spayed, the population of domestic animals can grow exponentially high. These agencies provide cost-effective sterilization to them. 

  1. Dog complaints

Your neighborhood may have an aggressive dog that can be dangerous to the community. In such a case, the animal removal team intervenes and takes the necessary action. 

  1. Rabies treatment

These agencies ensure to vaccinate all domestic animals against rabies.

Moreover, they educate the people about the spread and prevention of this dangerous disease. 

  1. Animal shelter

The agencies provide temporary shelter to the critters and other facilities like grooming services, veterinary clinics, etc. They also ensure to neuter the animal before adopting. 

  1. Animal protection

The team also takes care of animal abuse and neglect by the owner. If the team gets any information of pet abuse by neighbors or passersby, they investigate the pet’s environment. And take necessary actions upon the pet’s owner. 

  1. Bite investigation

The officers from the critter removal team investigate the cases of dog bites. They perform special tests to check the presence of the rabies virus in dogs.

When should you make a call to animal control? 

Here is a list of various scenarios where you should immediately call the critter removal services:

  1. Stray animals lost pets enter your property

You can get an uninvited animal from sources like:

  • A pet dog or cat from the neighborhood
  • A harmless wild deer
  • Injured/dead creature(dragged by other animals) 

Pets would not create ruckus at your place, nor are they dangerous. Similarly, wild deer are also harmless, so you don’t need any exceptional service in such cases. 

However, a pet wandering in your place might show signs of rabies. And this is where you should immediately call the animal welfare team to remove the creature. 

An animal with rabies show the following symptoms:

  • Aggression
  • Disorientation
  • Foams around the mouth
  • Partial paralysis
  1. Your neighborhood has an aggressive pet

Generally talking about aggressive pets, dogs are the first animal that comes to our minds. However, feral cats are equally dangerous. 

If your neighborhood dog or cat attacks or growls at you or is often off-leashed, this situation needs urgent intervention.

Try talking to the pet owner, and if the owner refuses to take responsibility, you should call the animal welfare team. 

  1. You find an injured/dead animal

Whenever you see a dead or injured animal in your property or your vicinity, promptly call the critter removal team. For example, contact the welfare agencies if a car hits a cat or dog, and you cannot see the owner. They’ll take the injured animal to veterinary care.

  1. You suspect animal abuse

Sometimes the pet owners fail to take proper care of the domesticated animals. And the animal shows visible symptoms of neglect. For example:

  • Malnourishment
  • Perpetual anxiety
  • Injuries

If you notice these signs, there is a possibility of animal abuse. In such a case, complain to the critter welfare team; they will take over and send the pet to an animal shelter.

  1. You want to adopt a pet

The critter removal team can help you adopt a pet. The team ensures that the pet is healthy, vaccinated, and neutered before adoption. 

Thus, you can call the critter welfare team if you notice any animal abuse, lost or injured pet, or an aggressive animal that might pose a danger to society. The animal control team ensures that the animals harm no residents and humanely remove them from the community. 

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