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Which is the most humane way to remove a squirrel nest?

Published: June 30, 2021

Do you have a squirrel infestation?

Do you wonder how to get rid of these critters that cause damage and pose a health risk to your family?

If yes, you needn’t worry anymore. Here are 13 valuable tips and devices to use to remove a squirrel nest safely.

Which is the most humane way to remove a squirrel nest?

1. Motion-activated sprinklers

Squirrels tend to run away if scared. So the sudden movement of a motion-activated sprinkler is more than enough to make them run away. Choose sprinklers with adjustable settings and set its sensor angle to the squirrel’s height.

Tips to remove a squirrel nest from your house

There’s nothing safer for getting rid of squirrels than a water spray!

2. Squirrel-proof bird feeders

Squirrel-proof bird feeders

Squirrels are especially attracted to bird feeders for the nuts, grains, seeds in them. Using a squirrel-proof bird feeder helps resolve the problem. Suspending the feeder on a wire or adding a baffle to a stake-mounted feeder makes it squirrel-proof.

The baffle widens the pole, making it difficult for squirrels to grip.

3. Grow flowers squirrels detest

Grow flowers squirrels detest

Squirrels don’t love everything green; there are some things squirrels hate like:

  • Brightly colored flowers
  • Anything with strong smells like mint
  • Alums like onion and garlic with a repelling taste and smell

Place these plants at your yard entry points and around tree trunks. It deters squirrels from entering your yard and climbing trees.

4. Inorganic mulch

Inorganic mulch

Squirrels like organic mulch like leaves and hay because they can easily dig through it. But inorganic mulch like chicken wire, pebbles, and plastic sheeting make an ideal squirrel deterrent.

It’s strong and has a texture squirrels detest. So placing the mulch at least a foot on all sides of your plants can get rid of squirrels.

5. Ultrasound deterrents

Squirrels can hear ultrasounds at a higher frequency than sounds audible to humans. This makes ultrasonic squirrel repellent devices a great squirrel deterrent.

Ultrasound deterrents

They come with sensors which when adjusted, detect the squirrels’ movements and emit sound. They are best placed at your yard entry points to prevent squirrels from entering them.

6. Get rid of food sources

Get rid of food sources

The most common reason for squirrels infesting your garden is for food. So before looking for squirrel repellents, it’s better to get rid of any food sources in the garden by:

  • Placing protective nets on fruiting trees
  • Not leaving pet food bowls outdoors
  • Protecting vegetable gardens with chicken wire
  • Removing fallen fruits and bird feed
  • Putting garbage in a sturdy, lidded trash can

7. Remove possible home entry points

Remove possible home entry points

Keep squirrels away from your home by blocking all entry points big enough for them to squeeze through. Seal all cracks, holes, and water-damaged eaves with sealants or copper mesh and expandable foam.

Also, remove anything squirrels can use to climb walls, like grazing tree branches and leaning firewood.

8. Decoy squirrel feeders

Decoy squirrel feeders

With a killer decoy squirrel feeder filled with everything squirrels love to eat nearby, squirrels no longer infest your home.

9. Natural repellents

Natural repellents

Chemical sprays may get rid of squirrels but are toxic for humans, animals, and the environment. Instead, make your natural repellent using everyday products like Tabasco with water.

Adding a few drops of dishwashing liquid ensures the liquid stays longer on leaf surfaces. Adding raw eggs makes the mixture sticky, perfect for tree barks.

10. Pets

Pets - Squirrel Removal

Let your cat or dog out every hour or two. It makes squirrel wary of its lurking danger, and keep away. If you don’t have pets, use realistic life-size owl figures, preferably moving ones, on your roof or yard. Shifting them to different locations every few days gives better effects.

11. Live squirrel traps

Live squirrel traps

Squirrel bites are not only painful but get easily infected. Squirrel trapping lets you remove the critters without touching or getting bit by them. Use your bait in a solid and effective squirrel trap and wait for it to trap these pesky critters.

12. Install fencing

Install fencing

A good solid and durable perimeter fence protects your home from squirrels. Make sure the mesh holes are so small that squirrels can’t squeeze through them. Also, prune nearby hanging branches to prevent squirrels from leaping over.

13. Clean up the premises

Clean up the premises

Get rid of all standing water and leaking faucets that squirrels may use for hydration. Also, clean out the attic by eliminating all possible hiding places squirrels may find perfect for nests.

However, If there’s already a nest with baby squirrels, it’s better not to touch them. If possible, wait for them to grow and leave.

It’s better to call the pest control experts if you need to remove the squirrels immediately and professionally.

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