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Is there a way to remove bats without harming them?

Published: June 30, 2021

It’s no doubt bats have an essential role in the ecosystem as pollinators and pest controllers. However, they also transmit zoonotic diseases, which is why they shouldn’t be near humans.

Bats don’t harm humans, so there’s no need to hurt them while removing them if you have a bat infestation. On the contrary, you can try these ten safe options to remove bats from your property without harming them.

Is there a way to remove bats without harming them?

1. Bat repellents

As bats are sensitive to strong odors, essential oil packs can repel bats. Place the pack wherever bats roost and let its continuous stream of overpowering smells drive bats away.

Bat repellents

One pack usually covers 150 ft of space. As it’s a natural bat repellent, it’s biodegradable and doesn’t need special safety measures.

You can also make a spray mixing about 3 glasses of warm water with eucalyptus, mint, clove, or peppermint oils, and ¼ cup of sugar. Once the bats leave, spray and dampen the roosting area surface.

You may need to use multiple bottles of spray. This method may not get all bats to go but it will drive out a few, and entice the rest to follow.

2. Phenol


Bats cannot tolerate the sweet smell of phenol available in cans or crystals. Spray cans easily emit vapour but its smell doesn’t last long. Crystals last longer than vapor when placed in roosting areas and other horizontal surfaces. But you may need to regularly replace the crystals to see results.

However, make sure you wear gloves and a respirator mask while placing mothballs or phenol crystals. Gloves prevent contact with phenols that easily permeate the skin and mothballs, which are dangerous to touch. The mask prevents inhaling any surrounding pathogens.

3. Exclusion

Prevention is always better than cure.


Instead of working at removing bats, work at keeping them away from your property. Do it by covering the entry, and exit points bats use to its roosting spot.

It’s great to prevent bats from entering your home. But ensure none are trapped in your home before blocking the holes if you already have a bat infestation.

But there’s some work involved here.

Observe the bat’s roosting process to find out all its entry and exit points. So inspect their roosting spot and seal all the cracks and holes you notice.

Use a wire mesh that’s hard for animals to chew but malleable enough to fit all crevices. However, let the mesh hang down to allow bats to fly out. If they return, they won’t know how to navigate around the mesh. They get confused, give up and fly somewhere else.

4. Decoy bat house

Decoy bat house

Keep bats away from your house by installing a decoy bat nearby. Install it on a wooden or concrete structure, about 20-30 feet from the nearest tree and 12-20ft from the ground. Knowing which bat species you are dealing helps you buy the right-sized house.

5. Remove bat food sources from your garden.

Sometimes your property feeds bats, and keeps them coming back. Eliminating the food source helps get rid of bats. Once again, find out what bat species you are dealing with.

Remove bat food sources from your garden

Some eat fruits, some insects, and some both.

Bats eat insects like beetles, moths, and mosquitoes. Fixing these problems can fix your bat problem. Bats eat many fruits, so covering fruits in your garden with bird netting prevents its access.

6. Installing bright lights

Installing bright lights

Bats are repelled by bright light, so installing bright flashing lights will remove and keep bats away.

7. Loud sounds

Loud sounds

As nocturnal animals, bats detest both light and sounds, sound-emitting devices can help remove bats. They regularly emit loud sounds that surprise and scare off bats. But these loud sounds can irritate humans. So use devices emitting ultrasonic sounds, which irritate bats but aren’t detected by humans.

8. Heat


Bats are comfortable in temperatures ranging from 80-90 degrees and nothing higher. So installing heaters heats the place to 100 degrees, eliminate bats and keep the attic dry and hot to deter bats. But you see results only after a couple of days.

9. Mirrors

You can install mirrors in places that reflect bright lights to frighten bats away. However, mirrors alone don’t work. You need to use it with some other natural bat removal methods.

Mirrors - Bat Removal

While it’s not that difficult to get rid of bats, they are dangerous and can transmit zoonotic diseases. It’s better to let pest control professionals remove bats naturally and keep your family safe.

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