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Seven skunk removal tips to keep skunks out of the garden

Published: September 29, 2021

Do you notice a foul smell emitting from the garden?

Are you confused about what the cause maybe?

Seven skunk removal tips to keep skunks out of the garden

Well, one of the possible reasons could be a skunk, and if yes, you should act fast to remove it. You don’t want them digging up and causing havoc in your garden! Here’s how you can identify and even prevent skunks from entering your yard and garden.

A little about skunks

Skunks are naturally mild-mannered nocturnal animals that prefer insects for food than your garden. The only reason they may enter your garden is for corn or any other plant that they can easily access from the ground.

Skunks are generally nice to have around your garden as they dig up and feed on the larvae of most crop-destroying insects. The problem, however, is that skunks do not just eat insects.

They also devour on leaves, garbage, grains, grasses, and any fruits or berries in their reach. Besides, there’s always the risk of skunks disturbing your plants while digging for insects.

The famous skunk’s spray

The one thing that skunks are famous for is their spray. The smell is so strong that you can smell it more than a mile away. Besides, their spray spreads across 10 to 12 feet sideways, up or down.

That’s why most homeowners and gardeners are more worried about a skunk’s spray than its chewing of vegetables.

Skunks don’t spray without any reason.

It’s a purely defensive action, where they spray when hungry or if they feel they are in danger. And they tend to offer two warning signs before spraying.

They either stamp their forefeet or hoist all but the tips of their tails. And if you see a skunk doing this, it means it’s time to run away!

Skunk removal tips

Skunk removal tips

You don’t want to be sprayed while walking through your yard at night if you accidentally step on it. That’s why it’s better to get rid of skunks in the first place. Here are seven tips that can help you out:

  1. You can try giving skunks a taste of their own medicine. Try spraying a mixture of castor oil, dish-washing detergent, and water on the garden spots at night when the skunk is out foraging. It may work because skunks find the smell offensive and may not enter your garden!
  2. Similarly, you can also try using some predator (dog or coyote) urine to repel skunks. You can find them in garden centers. But make sure you buy a brand that complies with federal and state regulations.
  3. Even placing ammonia-soaked rags around the yard can help for the same reasons. However, the problem is that you will have to keep replacing the rags.
  4. The funny thing is it’s not just foul smells that skunks hate. They also hate strong scents of room deodorants. So you can also try using something strong smelling like a bar of soap to keep skunks away from small garden patches.
  5. Lights are also pretty good skunk repellents. It’s because skunks are nocturnal animals and are very sensitive to bright lights. Bright lights or any floodlight with motion sensors can help keep skunks away.
  6. Orange or lemon peels make excellent natural skunk repellents. It’s because most animals, including skunks, detest the smell of citrus fruits.
  7. If nothing works, then it’s better to bring in the professionals. They have the right tools and knowledge to trap skunks and transport them someplace else.

You shouldn’t attempt doing this yourself.

It’s not easy trapping skunks.

Besides, they may not survive in new territories. And it may not even be legal for you to trap and relocate wild animals in your area. Your pest control experts know all this and will be able to get rid of skunks safely.

How to skunks away

How to skunks away

Skunk removal isn’t a permanent solution. You never know when they may return to infest your garden. That’s why your pest control experts will suggest adopting some preventive measures to keep them away.

  • Treating your lawn helps because skunks love the grubs in your garden. So if you get rid of the grubs, skunks don’t find their favorite snacks in your garden the next time they come.
  • You can also consider fencing the area, especially if it’s something small like a garden patch.
  • You can also try sealing your dock or shed with chicken wire to prevent skunks from living there.

Just make sure to leave a foot of additional wire extending from the structure on the ground. It prevents skunks from digging under and entering the structure.

In short, it’s always better to call experts for skunk removal. They know how to get rid of, and keep skunks away.

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