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How to Remove Flying Squirrels from Your Attic: 4 Steps to Follow!

Published: January 14, 2021
How to Remove Flying Squirrels from Your Attic

Flying squirrels are one of the most frequent headaches for homeowners. Here, we’ll show you some recommendations on how to get rid of flying squirrels.

These creatures can easily enter your attic and damage interior walls, cable and even electric wiring. Therefore, it is important to keep these animals at bay. But, what exactly can be done to keep these squirrels out of your attic? The answer to this is having a squirrel control plan to eradicate this problem from the source.

Once the squirrels are enthroned into your attic, then you should probably take action to avoid any further damage. There are several ways to keep these under control. By following these prompts, you can effectively keep this pest under control.

Have profesional install ridge guard over ridge vents

Flying squirrels are small animals that generate sympathy among people. However, these little animals show their less friendly side when they sneak into our homes, lofts, attics, and garages. Therefore, it is important that you learn how to keep them away from your house and your attic.

We all believe that squirrels live in trees. But the reality is that, whenever they can, these creatures prefer covered areas like the inside of houses. That is why you should follow these steps to learn how to remove flying squirrels from your attic:

  1. Apply a dry repellent to keep them away from the attic
  2. Create a barrier to keep them from coming back
  3. Call Grade A Critter and let us take care of everything

Squirrels are very noisy in houses. They end up leaving very bad smells. And they damage the structure of the house because they scratch and nibble on the insulating material, and electrical cables.

When trying to get a squirrel out of the house, extreme precautions must be taken. If it feels in danger or thinks that we are going to attack its young, it could even bite us. In that case, it could transmit bacteria and amoebas that are harmful to our health.

Apply a Dry Repellent to Keep Them Away from the Attic

Apply a Dry Repellent to Keep Them Away from the Attic

First it is important to mention that you can deter them with hot pepper spray. There are many recipes for homemade squirrel repellent sprays, as well as some that can be purchased. Most of the sprays have a combination of cayenne and other hot peppers.

Like the pepper sprays above, a combination of cayenne pepper, paprika, and crushed red peppers can be sprayed on plants, at the entrance to your attic, and on your fence. You can also try white pepper, black pepper, or garlic.

Create a Barrier to Keep Them from Coming Back

Create a Barrier to Keep Them from Coming Back

Use nets on bushes with fruit or berries, protect ground crops with row covers, create an enclosure with corral wire, or even build a greenhouse to protect tempting treats from squirrels. Any fence must be buried a minimum of 30 cm. on the ground to prevent squirrels from digging underneath.

You can also install nets on the outside of the attic, so you will make sure to block the entry of squirrels. Flying squirrels don’t particularly like the feel of mulch under their feet, so add it to garden soils.

Call Grade a Critter and Let Us Take Care of Everything

Flying squirrel removal & prevention services

At Grade A Critter we treat all kinds of pests and take care of the maintenance of your garden, so if you have problems with squirrels or any other invasive animal we will help you solve it.

Looking for the best squirrel control service? So call us and let us take care of everything. We will provide you with the appropriate solutions to scare away the squirrels that are disturbing your property.

Our company offers a fast and efficient service that is tailored to your specific needs. We have decades of experience with pests and squirrels, so you can always trust us to help you fix your problem.

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