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How To Get Rid of Beavers: Step by Step Guide

Published: January 29, 2021
How To Get Rid of Beavers: Step by Step Guide

Beavers are intelligent and hardworking rodents, capable of transforming almost any freshwater environment into suitable habitat. Due to their adaptability and perseverance, they are very difficult pests to control. Beavers can be extremely destructive in some environments, requiring that necessary measures be taken. That is why you must learn how to get rid of beavers.

Beavers are equipped with powerful jaws that are capable of knocking down (cutting) large trees with ease. Although beavers are for the most part considered environmental assets, they can sometimes become a nuisance in the home garden, wreaking havoc on crops and damaging nearby trees.

When beaver activity gets out of control, there are several control methods you can follow – from preventative measures to fencing to physical removal.

Unfortunately, there is no effective beaver repellent available to keep them at bay. However, these creatures can usually be deterred simply by avoiding certain plants within the landscape and clearing shrubs and trees near ponds and similar water sources.

Learn How To Get Rid of Beavers by Following These Steps

Learn How To Get Rid of Beavers by Following These Steps

Beavers are vegetarians, they feed on small herbaceous plants and twigs. The bark of the trees is one of their main sources of food, with poplars and willows being their favorites. Maple, poplar, poplar, birch, and alder are also his favorites. Therefore, clearing the property of these trees can significantly reduce the number of beavers.

Follow these steps and learn how to get rid of beavers:

  1. Locate the beaver activity area
  2. Dismantle dams and lodges
  3. Call an expert and ask for help

Beavers use hard wood to build their huts, they eat soft wood and actively store it during the winter. Thus, they can gnaw, undermine and knock down not only wild trees, but also fruit trees, with which summer residents, of course, are not happy. This is why you must learn how to drive them off your property.

Locate the Beaver Activity Area

Locate the Beaver Activity Area

To get rid of them successfully, you will first need to locate their center of activity. Familiarizing yourself with the beaver area and knowing the level of damage they can cause is important as it will help you determine how to approach the problem. You can be sure of the presence of beavers when the following signs appear:

  • Beaver dams
  • Slides / trails to the water
  • Burrows
  • Shelters on the riverbank
  • Trees felled or gnawed
  • Denials

Dams built by beavers can cause flooding of waterways, irrigation systems, and tree habitats, so it’s important to stop them before large-scale damage occurs. Beaver’s teeth never stop growing, so they spend all their time biting trees that are deteriorating.

Dismantle Dams and Lodges

Dismantle Dams and Lodges

Another way to get rid of beavers is to dismantle their dams and shelters. If its key structures are dismantled, it will be difficult for them to remain in the same place. They are known for being persistent, and being able to repair their prey overnight, but if you are more persistent in damaging them than they are in building it, they will eventually move out.

When damaging a dam, make sure there are no beavers inside and use a wood chipper to make sure the building materials cannot be reused. Also check the surroundings to make sure beavers don’t have access to new material to rebuild.

Call an Expert and Ask for Help

If you have beaver problems then it is time to call us. Our mission is to provide an efficient and quality service to citizens, providing protection for them and their properties from the dangers and nuisances caused by beavers or any other type of animal or pest.

Beaver Damages & Loss of Property

We have the experience and tools to keep beavers away safely. We will take care of capturing the beavers and releasing them in safe areas where they can develop far from your home. You just have to call us, we will take care of the rest.

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