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4 Extremely Useful Animal Control Methods For Rodents

Published: November 3, 2021

Rats and mice removal, hygiene control and disinfection of the home

Is your home one of them? 

If yes, you require a solution immediately! 

These rodents include squirrels, mice, rats, and moles and are also listed as pests as they contaminate your water and food stocks. Chewed wires and damaged furniture are the crucial hints that you have a rodent invasion. 

You need to settle this soon, but what can you do to prevent it? 

Besides slaughtering, there is a better option which is the humane animal control method. These methods include solutions that won’t cause any harm to the wild animals. 

Animal control is necessary as they didn’t enter our homes on purpose, and it will also protect the ecosystem this way. 

You must wonder which strategies will help you safely get rid of these rodents. Well, here is a list of solutions you can apply to protect your house from wild animal invasion. 

4 Safe and effective humane animal control methods

1. Safeguard Your Food Supplies

One of the primary reasons for these wild animals appearing in your house is food.

These small furry animals need only a tiny amount of food per day, and they usually hunt for food they easily digest. And there always is a chance of you, your kids, or children dropping some small pieces of food. 

So how can you control these animals? 

All you have to do is follow the instructions below: 

  • Clean your floor thoroughly after each meal 
  • Cover all your food supplies properly 
  • Use rodent-proof food containers if necessary.

Once the rodents realize there is no food for them, they will soon stop showing up. 

2. Repellents Are A Must For Animal Control

Every person and animal has hatred towards something. And rodents aren’t an exception, and this is what you can take advantage of. 

Rodents have never been comfortable with essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint. That’s why these two oils work as excellent natural repellents for animal control! 

All you have to do is notice which paths these animals regularly use and then apply peppermint or eucalyptus on the paths. 

The good news is that this won’t harm them at all since the scents are natural oils. Anyway, once they are annoyed by the oils, they will start evicting themselves. 

3. Cut off all their possible routes 

You possibly can’t control animals if they have more than one route to enter your house. So blocking all possible paths helps protect your home from their attacks.

Consider hiring a humane animal removal company for this task. They know and will help you find all the holes and pits dug by the rodents.

Furthermore, they will fix any destroyed spots so that rodents won’t be able to enter your house again. If animal control companies seem expensive, you can always try to pack holes by yourself.

But remember that since rodents are tiny living creatures, they can pass through any small hole. And, you will have to seal every single spot in your house. Wire wool and cement are the best choices for this task so that you can give them a try. 

A few more essential areas you need to be concerned about are tree branches that reach your roof house. Squirrels love living on trees so that they can invade your home through there. So you have to get rid of them too. 

4. Humanely traps are the superior option 

If you’re an animal lover, you will probably opt to avoid using traps. 

Traps are the most unpleasant animal removal method. It’s because most of the time, the rodents end up dead. These innocent lives will end up in pain, and you should avoid this no matter what. 

There is a better option in your hand, though. Humane traps are distinct from traditional traps. All you need to do is one online or from your nearest grocery store. 

Put an irresistible bait for the rodent, which can be peanuts, cheese, or nuts. They will automatically trap themselves in the trap without causing any stress or suffering.

Once you arrest them, make sure you discharge them miles away from your neighborhood. This animal control method is painless, so you could consider using it the next time. 

Animal control is a necessary thing you need to do to protect your house from wild animals. Natural repellents, humanely safe traps, and blocking their paths are reliable remedies to keep these small rodents away from your property. Next time a family of rats or any rodent attacks your house, you can either do it yourself. Or you can call your neighborhood animal control services to handle the problem.

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